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Jul 07

Has anyone seen my keys?

It often starts the same way.  The search, I mean.  (OK, not always exactly the same way, more often than not, the search starts with me yelling “has anyone seen my keys?” But I digress…) It goes something like this: I get an idea, I get all excited about the idea, I start to look for whatever it is I thought of.  Then, because I am very detail-oriented (sometimes referred to as picky) and focused (sometimes referred to as inflexible), I have a heck of a time finding whatever it is I have in my head. In fact, I rarely, if ever, locate exactly whatever it is I think I want.   Last year, I got an idea.  I wanted to hang something in our foyer that meant something to our family, to reflect the important stuff in our lives, to remind the kidlets of what mattered most… OK, I will get off the podium…  Any who, since the stores cannot read my mind, they refuse to carry what I am imagining. And so, the Family Manifesto was born.   I hang it with pride in my foyer, and I hope you will too. (I have since decided that all sorts of awesome Manifestos are necessary, of course, as you will see when you check out the rest of this site).

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