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Mar 22

Happy Spring!

Sooo… It’s almost April, and spring is now here! (Can I get a woo hoo?!) It’s a time for new beginnings, new ideas and gettin’ your family on the same page – you see where I’m going with this? Inside jokes, special memories, life lessons, your family code…  We all have things that belong to our family, just to our family, and you’re in luck, that’s Hippie Chick’s specialty!

Have you always wanted a manifesto to call your own? Something your family stands for? Have a birthday coming up? Personalized Mother’s Day gift? Need playroom rules? Gettin’ your summer bucket list together? Now’s your chance!

We can do anything you want – Hippie Chick is the name, creativity is the game. Contact us today to see what we can do for you – dude, you will NOT regret it…


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