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Jan 31

It’s a New Year!

New year… New you? Nah, nothin’ wrong with the old you! But where do you see yourself in another year? What about your family? Do you have life lessons you’d like to share, values you want to practice, important messages for your little ones? Well, here’s where a Family Manifesto can help you with those goals.

I think we all have words of wisdom we want to impart on the next generation…  There seems to be a shift in parenting, back to old school, to the ways in which our parents raised us. As some of today’s parents have rebelled against the toddler ipad revolution, so have they adopted a lot of the old style of parenting. Basic “real world” values, a focus on logic and common sense and, at our house, cultivating a witty, sarcastic next generation.

The whole intent of the Family Manifesto is to decide what your family stands for, and shout that proudly for the world to see, in a fun (and if I might say, awesome) manner. Simple. A simple idea to embrace a certain motto, or creed, if you will, to display what’s important for your family.

So I’m sure by now you get the concept! The Family Manifesto is my way of reinforcing with my kids and anyone who visits our home, what we’re all about. You want to get in on that? Dude, we’re unique, original and would love to create anything you need for your family, friends, neighbours or anyone you know. Get yourself a Family Manifesto.

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