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Mar 25

It’s time…

Sooooo… The other day, I had the pleasure of re-watching one of the few great movies that’s near and dear to my heart… Perhaps not a universally recognised “classic,” but The Bucket List is a movie that really speaks to me. The idea that time is fleeting has always struck a chord with me – you know us free-spirited hippie chicks, we go where adventure takes us!

Well, since I’m not gettin’ any younger – I turn 40 in the fall – I have committed to making a Bucket List this year. I guess now that it’s officially out there, that plan is real! Dun dun dun… It’s an exciting and terrifying endeavour. What do you think about bucket lists? Do you have one?

Stay tuned for the customized, original canvas printed proof of my Bucket List and consider composing – and ordering, of course – your own version. Hippie Chick Originals can make anything that you can imagine, even your Bucket List. Duuude.

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